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(Note from Emma: I am very pleased to again publish a guest contributor, whose article on ‘How to Help Children of Transitioners’ was the most read on the site in 2021. Here is another powerful piece that really gets to the nuts and bolts of what it is like to be a child of a transitioner within a system where our trans parent is treated as a member of a sacred caste. Here, we see a tiny chink of light for children of transitioners within the court system in the UK – but nowhere near enough.)

Judges back down on making daughters refer to our fathers as women in court

In January 2021, we wrote of our anger and hurt that judges were continuing the gaslighting, abuse and coercive control of our fathers by telling victims to refer to male abusers as women in court. The ideological capture by people in power by organisations such as Stonewall has made getting justice almost impossible. The pain when your father is guilty of domestic abuse, sexual and other crimes and shows contempt for the privacy, dignity and safety of women and girls never leaves you.  It is stressful and painful beyond words to have to give evidence to the police and in court against a father that you love, whatever he has done, and the ideological capture by police, judges and MPs makes it even more traumatic.

Judges and court

In January 2021 we wrote of the ideological capture of judges in the Judge’s Bench Book – trying to stop women and children who are victims of male abusers getting justice, by enforcing the gaslighting and coercive control of our fathers (sexual fetish cross dressers and trans identified males) that support services are trying to help us escape from.

Women and girls cannot access justice when forced to lie under oath and refer to trans identified male attackers (inc fathers, even rapists )  as women, as the Judges Bench Book required. We would like to thank those who have spoken up about this contempt for female victims the Judge’s Bench Book demonstrated.

So now the good news. There is a new interim Judges’ Bench Book out. It still shows reality defying ideological capture (no one is assigned a gender at birth, you idiots – sex is set at conception – our mums know what sex we are months before we are born though scans). Surely only judges that know the difference between reality and lies should be employed?. But although the interim version still shows more concern for male trans offenders than their female victims there have been improvements.  Most importantly – with many caveats – there is at least some opportunity to speak honestly about our situation. “There will be occasions when … a witness or party may refer to the trans person using their former pronouns or name.”

The relevant section is here:

I still don’t understand why  judges have not been in contempt of their own court for telling victims to lie and pretend men are women when witnesses  are under oath to tell the truth, but then perhaps truth isn’t something the writers of the Judges’ Bench Book quite understand. (Perhaps they should take a vow to uphold truth, reality and justice before being sworn in).

And here’s the link to the concerns we raised:


‘ In a home setting, the partners and children of autogynephiles are particularly vulnerable. A misstep on our part, any hint that we don’t think he is really a woman or that he ‘passes’, and the results can be explosive.’

‘My father was first arrested when I was eight years old, possibly for voyeurism in the women’s public toilets while cross-dressing. The social worker was vague about the details. I was first called to give evidence against him when I was 11, but didn’t have to in the end. It was terrifying and I was reluctant to speak against him; even though he was violent, controlling and abusive to women and girls both in and out of the family it felt disloyal and I did love him. So children are already terrified and scared by the legal process, added to which you don’t want to give evidence against a parent. Now the court states you will be forced to lie about your father’s sex. I could not have done this as a child, and this seems to be a deliberate attempt by males to make it harder for girls to testify against male abuse and access justice. It must be even worse for girls and women who are victims of sexual abuse, as ‘women’ don’t have penises. I am thinking here of the Challenor case a few years ago. This court guidance is a massive safeguarding risk and abusive to women and girls, especially daughters of cross dressers/ trans identified males.’

‘I don’t think the court has considered just how much pressure their guidance puts on female victims and witnesses of male violence. My father is male bodied, a cross dresser, doesn’t have a GRC, no surgery or anything- he’s just your typical scary 6ft 2 male bully. I would not as a child have been able to refer to him as a female – and I couldn’t do so now as an adult. It was less than 3 years ago that the police domestic abuse officer told me I may be called to give evidence against him again as an adult. I am no longer a child, but was terrified about both giving evidence, and being in contempt of court and being punished for telling the truth under oath and refusing to lie. My father is male.’

There are still problems with gender ideological capture of people in power (MPs, police, prisons, CPS) preventing female victims of male transitioners getting justice and safety. If you are a woman in prison with one of our many late transitioning fathers who have been found guilty of sex and violent crimes against women (Karen White etc), you have our total sympathy and solidarity. We have often been unable to access help or support as so many “women’s” organisations now welcome men like our fathers even though they know it excludes and harms women and girls. Having lived in a house with our fathers, we know what the constant terror and tension is like. And we couldn’t escape either.

Some of you will have read the recent Times article with quotes from Lady Justice King, Chair of the Judicial College, which misleadingly ignores the changes referred to above. Instead it suggests judges should keep gaslighting victims of trans-identified male abuse, and enforce belief/speech of the perpetrator’s ‘gender identity’ of choice.

No other reality defying belief system is allowed to coerce witnesses in court to lie. We have to promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth- and it’s this that makes our justice system respected. Why are the Judicial college so determined to try and make witnesses lie? Why are the Judicial College following the misogynistic recommendations of Stonewall, instead of respecting reality and the beliefs of all? To an ordinary person like me, it seems the Judicial College judges are so captured by gender ideology that they have lost sight of the principles of truth and justice. Judges who enforce this extreme ideology to benefit male perpetrators, gaslight women and children who have experienced abuse from trans-identified males and coerce witnesses to lie under oath are not fit for office.

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