GRA Inquiry Submission

In the UK, the government is currently holding an inquiry into reform of the Gender Recognition Act. The act was originally written for transsexuals, but there has been a lot of pressure to enable anyone who wants a Gender Recognition Certificate to apply to change their legal status. The original GRA gave some ability to the spouses of people who are transitioning to exit the marriage before a Gender Recognition Certificate was issued. This is sometimes called the ‘spousal veto’ or ‘spousal exit’ clause. Some explanation here:

As this affects the families of transitioners, it is essential that children of transitioners are heard on this issue. With massive help from a guest contributor, we made a submission to the inquiry on behalf of children of transitioners. I feel very proud that we were able to make this contribution, and that the needs of the children of transitioners will be recognised in this way by the UK government.

Details of the inquiry are available here:

Our contribution is here: