Straight Spouses Network

It was a great pleasure to be invited to be the first interviewee on Season Three of Straight Spouse Voices, the podcast of the Straight Spouses Network. Many thanks to the podcast’s host, Kristin Kalbli, who was very welcoming and asked such thoughtful questions.

My interview can be found here:

The podcast as a whole is a useful resource for children of transitioners, as well as trans widows. There are interviews with the children of gay parents, and I found many parallels here. Lots of interesting things about the power of deceit, and the models that we absorb of relationships and family life.

The podcasts relating to trans spouses are both excellent:

Here Helen Fitzgibbons talks about a “Cis-Spouse Bill of Rights”. We definitely need one for children of transitioners! She talks very well about the importance of being allowed to have your own emotional journey.

And here’s an interview with playwright Kristin Orr, also a trans widow. One of the things she addresses is the strange sense that the trans person has died and that you are communicating with a ghost. It’s amazing that so many of us have the same emotional response.